Meta Tags in 2020: Why are They Important in SEO?

HTML lets you specify metadata – additional important information about a document in a variety of ways. This tag is an empty element and so does not have a closing tag but it carries information within its attributes. You can include one or more meta tags in your document based on what information you want to keep in your document but in general, meta tags do not impact physical appearance of the document so from appearance point of view, it does not matter if you include them or not. Name for the property. Can be anything. Examples include, keywords, description, author, revised, generator etc. Used for http response message headers. For example, http-equiv can be used to refresh the page or to set a cookie.

Filtering and sorting search results

The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook. While many different technologies and schemas exist and could be combined together, there isn’t a single technology which provides enough information to richly represent any web page within the social graph.

The default metadata for posts includes the author, post date, and categories and tags. Meta tags are a type of HTML tag that adds metadata to a web page.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. One thing that search engines really suck with is the date when a website was created. Anyway, I just wonder if there is a standardized or at least generally accepted tag or meta tag that I can put on my own pages to indicate the date they were created?

Not that it helps filtering out the old crap out of search results especially since the people at 1 with their articles have zero incentive to change , but I’d just like to do my part :P. Related “Accepted” Proposals dcterms. There are a couple of “incomplete proposals” which haven’t been accepted due to a lack of documentation such as created.

Repeated meta tags

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HTML – Meta Tags · Adding Meta Tags to Your Documents · Specifying Keywords · Document Description · Document Revision Date · Document Refreshing · Page​.

Deposited in the head section of an HTML document, meta tags are used to indicate coded information and specify metadata. The function of a meta element is to convey additional information to a website , which facilitates the analysis of HTML files and makes maintaining file contents easier. HTML meta tags almost always follow the same structure; an element is first defined and then assigned a content. The formula for declaring metadata follows this structure:.

While metadata used to play an important role in search engine optimization, its influence on result rankings has waned in recent years. Nevertheless, website owners are recommended to keep this information in the HTML head and deposit detailed metadata, since it is still relevant for metasearch engines and local search scripts. Meta tags can also define instructions in order to control search bots web crawlers. There is a long list of elements that can be incorporated in the HTML head section.

In addition to essential information such as the page title, page description, and charset definition, the header can supply comprehensive information for user agents. Website owners can therefore use meta tags to define relevant keywords or to specify a topic for their page. Furthermore, authors and publishers can use meta tags to deposit copyright data.

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Learn about the most useful and up-to-date meta tags to provide search engines with information about your web page. Meta tags provide search engines with information metadata about a web page. They can specify the content type, description of the page, and other metadata that are not displayed on the page. You will learn more about it below.

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Date published May 1, Categories HTML meta tags are officially page data tags that lie between the open and closing head tags in the HTML code of a​.

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33 examples of great meta descriptions for search

The information in this section helps you create custom searches for your web site. By using search parameters, special query terms and filters in your search requests, you can refine and enhance searches to serve your needs. Using the Google search protocol is as simple as requesting a page from a web server.

How to View Metatags on a Website. Metatags define certain elements of a Web page, such as its author, description or creation date. They also instruct.

This is because one of the common uses of meta tags is to give search engines additional information about your web page when they index it. So, which should you use? The reason is a little boring, but basically http-equiv is designed for meta tags that emulate the equivalent HTTP header e. This snippet of HTML is from an imaginary page about dog training, and shows how you can use the description and keywords meta tags to improve your ranking with the search engines:.

The description tag is often used by search engines such as Google to display a short summary of your web page in their search results pages. OK, you get the basic idea. Here are some more really useful meta tags that you can use to improve your website. This meta tag is great if you move your Web page to a different directory or server, or have to rename it for some reason.

You can use this tag to redirect the browser to to the new page! If you specify a delay of zero, then the browser will jump immediately to the new page. This is another one for the search engines also known as robots!

How to add meta tags (meta description) to your WordPress website